Meet theTrustees


Professor John Barclay

Professor John Barclay teaches the New Testament and Early Christianity at Durham University.  Many years ago he spent several months in Pakistan and India, a visit that had a deep effect on him.  Since supervising the doctoral thesis of Susan Mathew, he and his wife Diana have been friends of the Mathew family and have been supporters of their work in setting up Deepti.  They visited Deepti a few years ago and have been delighted to watch its growth and development. 

Trustee - Chairperson

Caroline Clay

Caroline Clay is an Occupational Therapist with over 35 years’ experience working with children and adults with additional needs both in the UK and in India. Caroline has visited The Deepti Centre many times and has contributed to both individual assessments of the children and run training for parents and teachers in Occupational Therapy, sensory processing and independent living skills.

Caroline is the current chairperson for candle for India

Trustee - Treasurer 

Anne Ng

Anne Ng is an Accountant and has her own Accountancy practise which she has built up over the past 10 years.  Anne has connected to Deepti through Caroline and recently volunteered to get involved with the charity in the role of treasurer. Anne has heard so much about the Deepti Centre and admires the work that everyone does for it and hopes one day to perhaps visit it and see it for herself.


Mark Speller

Mark Speller BA (Hons), CPFA  , Finance Manager at Durham Christian Partnership and Technical Director of Assista Consulting UK,  graduated in Economics from Durham University and has extensive financial management experience in the health, education and charity sectors.  Mark has assisted in the development of a charitable microfinance project in North India in 2011/12, and Treasurer of the charity I-connect since 2007. Mark joined Candle for India at its foundation  in order ot and has twice visited the Deepti Centre in Kerala.


Diana Barclay

Diana Barclay has taught Greek & Latin in school and University, most recently in Durham where she got to know the Matthews family while Susan was studying there for a PhD. Together with her husband, John, she visited Deepti in 2011.


Dr. Mathew Vargheese

Professor and the Head of Department of Christian Theology at Faith Theological Seminary.

Now taking a course on Theology of Disability for students of theology, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Had lived in Durham UK from 2007 to 2010, when Susan was a Ph.D student at Durham University. 

Co-founder of Deepti Special School and Rehabilitation Centre, Manakala

Interested in listening music, reading, writing, arts and giving inspirational talks.

Visited countries such as Nepal, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Australia


Dr. Susan Mathew

Teaching New Testament at Faith Theological Seminary (part time)

Co-founder and Head of the Institution of Deepti Special School and Rehabilitation Centre.

Lived in UK from 2006 to 2010, while doing Ph.D. in the Department of Theology at Durham University

Winner of Shine International Student's award 2010 UK (North East Region). Received training from Villa Real School, Consett in Conductive Education. Currently pursuing B.Ed. Special Education (M.R)

Conference Speaker and writer

Professor John Barclay

Caroline Clay

Diana Barclay

Mathew Vargheese

Susan Mathew