2017 - 2018 New School Fundraising projects

The Deepti Centre is a school and vocational centre in Kerala that supports 172 children and young people and their families. The centre has outgrown its current rented premises and is now in need of land and a school building of its own. Land is expensive in Kerala , and recently a 1 acre site has become available very near to the existing school, which is suitable to build the new school.

The land has potential to expand over a further 5 acres site in the future.  The cost of the land is £105,000 for 1 acre. We have a promise of £60,000 from a donor charity and other donations to the building fund, which leave us with a target of £18,000 to fundraise over the next 12 months.

It is important for us to reach this goal within this period as some current pledges may not be taken over into the next financial year. We are asking all friends and supporters of Deepti and Candle for India to consider making a one off donation to help us reach this target before 31st March 2018.

Your financial gifts are a real blessing to the life of the Deepti Centre, which is run on joint donations between UK and India to support children with special needs in rural Kerala.

You can read the latest newsletter from The Deepti Centre at www.deepticentre.com Your can give a gift towards "Our Promised land project " at www.givey.com/candleforindia ( please tick UK gift aid ) or contact us for alternative ways of giving. 

Thankyou for your support 

Caroline Clay

The trustees